Featured Work

OptiLingo System

OptiLingo is a language learning platform. Starting from the MVP stage to the full productized version, Regex built and maintained it. The key implemented features include the following,

  • TTS Process to convert millions of words to mp3 files and optimized delivery mechanism to web and mobile apps.
  • Backend System to upload and manage content.
  • Integrated Data Tracking System for Analytics.
  • WordPress Website serving content to millions of unique people across the world.
  • A Web App and Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) catering to over 60,000 users.
  • CI/CD for a streamlined deployment strategy.

QLTS/SQE Authoring System

QLTS School is providing a training program for English Solicitors Exams Preparations. Over the past 5 years, Regex has created several different SCORM-based Modules using its expertise in Custom Software Development. A Content Authoring System was developed to author the content of modules which are then published to SAP LMS. The key implemented features are:

  • Content Authoring System.
  • SCORM Export Publishing Mechanism.
  • User’s tracking System to detect any misuse of the account.
  • Modules include MCTs, FlashCards, OSCE Mock Exam, and Skills Online – containing many activities like Matching, Videos, PDFs, etc.
  • Functionality for Content Updation without needing to re-upload the new SCORM package again into LMS.
  • Documents Management.
  • AWS Polly (TTS) Integration with Modules Content and PDF Files.
  • Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) serving the modules in an organized way.

QDx Mobile Application

QDx Pathology is a clinical pathology laboratory. QDx Mobile App helps doctors with quick & easy access to lab reports in a secure way according to HIPPA compliance. This Application provides a secure authentication way using biometrics and 2FA. Also, data was implemented with encryption to secure it.

Rees Cooper Website (Shopify)

Rees Cooper is a well-known clothing brand, Regex solved a challenge related to managing and presenting unisex products in Shopify. We have implemented the following important features.

  • Custom Theme Development.
  • Unisex Product Catalog.
  • Newsstand Articles.
  • Same Page Checkout.
  • Mobile Responsiveness.
  • Accessibility Features.