Until lately, Shopify developers creating headless storefronts had to create custom components to perform tasks like pulling product data or adding products to the cart.

To address this issue, Shopify introduced Hydrogen, an editorial front-end design framework built on React.

Hydrogen’s React-based framework for developing custom Shopify storefronts provides everything you need to get started and build quickly and offer the best-customized shopping experiences.

Shopify Hydrogen Framework

Shopping experiences for the future should be quick, universal, and personally tailored.

Hydrogen accomplishes this by using React Server Components, broadcasting server-side deeming with suspense, and designed to run defaults. It’s the fast framework for developers and customers when combined with the globally distributed Storefront API, Shopify-optimized commerce constituents, and Vite-powered developer surroundings.

Why must one prefer Hydrogen?


  • It is a quick start to building a fast environment
  • It is dynamic with smart caching
  • It has out of the box commerce components

How Hydrogen Features:

Hydrogen is the method you use to create a personalized storefront. It includes a framework as well as UI components.

Hydrogen framework:

Hydrogen is the method you use to create a personalized storefront. It includes a framework as well as UI components.

Hydrogen UI components:

Hydrogen involves elements, hooks, and infrastructure that assist Shopify attributes and notions

Benefits of Hydrogen

Shopify’s approved and outspoken approach to creating creative and dynamic commerce perspectives is Hydrogen. If you’re thinking about building a custom storefront, check out the following advantages.

Fast development

Hydrogen speeds up development by leveraging Shopify’s foundational tech stack and commerce competence. It combines with the Storefront API effectively for efficient data retrieval. Hydrogen includes Shopify-specific components, hooks, and commerce utilities. They are freely reachable, fast, and ready to use. They also contribute by reducing the initial complexity and standard form required for developing a custom storefront.


Hydrogen provides the following templates:

Hello World:

A basic theme comes for developers who want to start building their Hydrogen storefront from the ground up.

Demo Store:

The standard template that is set up when a new Hydrogen storefront is created. It’s a complete Hydrogen storefront that makes use of Shopify’s live production data.

Performance enhancements

Hydrogen’s feature enables a combination of steady and transient data fetching among both client and server for best productivity. It is built on newer web technology and takes a modern approach to web development to provide the following features:

Caching limits:

are built-in to handle dynamic content and reduce API calls for speed and effectiveness.

Server-side representation:

is used to reduce the primary load.

React Server Components:

is a data-fetching and rendering flow for React apps with strong opinions. React Server Components provide a better development experience. Components generate quickly, allowing you to see your work as you create it.


Only Shopify web storefronts can be built with Hydrogen. Hydrogen, for now, does not enable the establishment of other types of personalized storefronts, such as mobile applications, online games, and digital devices.